New party enters race for Lyne

MOTIVATIONAL speaker and entrepreneur Jamie McIntyre has announced his intention to run an as-yet-unnamed candidate in the Federal electorate of Lyne under the banner of his 21st Century Australia Party, with a program that includes eliminating state governments and turning Australia Post into a bank.

Mr McIntyre, who is currently challenging Tony Windsor for the seat of New England, also wants the seat currently held by Independent Rob Oakeshott for his new 21st Century Australia Party, as he holds them both responsible for what he calls the most incompetent government in Australia's recent history.

Mr McIntyre, who recently announced his candidacy against Tony Windsor and Barnaby Joyce for the seat of New England, has released a 25-point policy document spelling out changes he says this country needs to adopt to ensure long-term prosperity for its people.

The party submitted its Australian Electoral Commission party registration at the beginning of May and now is aiming to recruit 35,000 plus members to overtake the membership levels of the Australian Labor Party.

It aims to contest the maximum amount of lower house seats Australia wide as well as contesting the Senate in all States. 

Mr McIntyre's policy document focuses on the creation of a 21st century political system that pushes for voters to vote directly on major policy, with the advent of new technology now available from the US and for government spending to be put in the hands of an independent board and removed from the hands of what he says are the "incompetent politicians".

Mr McIntyre says that Australia's current education system is an outdated 19th century one and needs to be replaced by a 21st century system that involves making the most out of modern technology, along with a business education and financial education.

"We need an education system that is based on practical, real life education with financial education as a necessity. We can achieve a world leading education model without needing one extra cent of revenue and ensure the quality and pay of teachers is increased, due to their significant importance in society, from efficiency gains," said Mr McIntyre.

Some of his other policies include the removal of compulsory voting, elimination of state governments, establishment of an independent sovereign wealth fund, banning cigarettes for anyone born in the 21st century and removing the power of government spending from the government and placing it in the hands of an independent board.

He is the founder of the 21st Century Education Group consisting of 12 companies with close to 100 staff and franchisees that have a turnover of $40 million.

Mr McIntyre has also acquired small media assets in recent years and owns one of Australia's fastest growing online news sites,, where he has written articles highly critical of the current government and political system and which push for changes.