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More than your average teenager: Angus Gill
More than your average teenager: Angus Gill

NOT many 17-year-olds would appreciate the classic Steve Earle hit 'Copperhead Road', but Wauchope's Angus Gill is not your regular teenager.

He's already squeezed more into his short life than people twice his age - his most recent adventure being a songwriting retreat with the one-and-only musical genius, record producer, author and actor in the United States.

If you haven't heard of Angus Gill, memorise the name now.

Whilst in the US, the singer/songwriter also spent time in Nashville co-writing for his next road-themed album and writing with Matt Scullion, who has penned a string of hits with country music star Lee Kernaghan.

"While I was there, I worked with a live music production company, who has helped Taylor Swift put together her previous tours.

"Little did I know, the iconic thrash metal band Megadeath were also rehearsing in the same building," he said.

But the burning question is: did he get to sing with Steve Earl?

"No I didn't, but he played a concert at the end of the retreat, just Steve, a harmonica and guitar and it was brillliant," the huge fan gushed.

"I've always admired him as an artist and the fact that he's had such a versatile career.

"Steve would speak for about three hours each day, then we'd have break-out sessions and song circles and perform a song each night.

"One of Steve's pearls of wisdom was "a song isn't finished until it's performed in front of an audience".

"It was such a surreal experience to meet like-minded tunesmiths and getting his take on the craft."

As the story goes, Angus was at the buffet with the 70 other international songwriters when Steve "just walked up and introduced himself to me with no airs or graces".

"He was always walking around chatting to everyone, even though he's won three Grammys," Angus recalled.

The highlight of his month-long overseas trip was performing a song he'd been working on for the past seven months to the critical songwriting crowd.

"The overwhelming response I got really instilled some faith in myself as a solo songwriter," the self-confessed perfectionist said.

"I'd only just finished it a couple of days before the camp and I didn't expect the reaction I got."

On the trip of a lifetime with the Year 11 student were his parents Tanya and Chris Gill and siblings Colby and Sophie.

Angus' upcoming local gigs include: Oasis By The River, North Haven on Fathers Day; Harrigans Irish Tavern, Harrington, on September 20 and; 5 Church Street, Bellingen on October 17.

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