Doctor sports shaved head for #teamcaleb

Campbell Street Surgery GP Sandra Clarke has leapfrogged her $1000 fundraising target for nine-year-old cancer patient Caleb Scott and is now sporting a bald head.

Dr Clarke was understandably nervous about having her long auburn locks shaved off, but said: "hair grows back, but I want Caleb and his family to feel supported by the whole community".

The big-hearted doctor has also decided to donate her hair to make wigs for cancer patients.

The fundraiser is now inching towards $1500 and has expanded to include #teamcaleb wrist bands, which can be purchased for $3.50 from a number of local outlets including the Gazette office in Hastings Street.

Donations can also be made at the Holiday Coast Credit Union in the name of Caleb Scott. The reference is 'Sandy Clarke', BSB 727000 and account number 100179998.

Special mention goes to hairdresser Shen Benjamin, of Hair Shenanigans, who donated her services.

Nine-year-old Caleb was diagnosed with a stage four medulloblastoma tumour (brain cancer) in September.

Caleb will spend Christmas at home (and says he hopes to find a motorbike under the Christmas tree), but will head back to Sydney for five months of chemotherapy in January.

Given mum Suzanne Turpie, who works at St George Bank, was previously the family's main income earner, the long spell away from home and work will be hard on the family.

Back at home is husband Rob, brothers Ashton and Dylan, stepbrother Blake and stepsister Jae.