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Saying “thank you” can sometimes be hard. But those two little words are so important.

Sometimes it’s just not the right time; it’s just not appropriate or maybe you just weren’t in the right place at the right time. It’s OK.

The catastrophic fire that hit the Hastings on Sunday was the stuff of nightmares. In the words of RFS  Incident Controller Superintendent Kam Baker it was “the worst possible fire conditions to a level that exceeded our expectations”.

It was hell. A hot, windy dangerous hell.

But Rural Fire Service volunteers – along with ALL the emergency service workers – didn’t flinch. They fought, they fought with everything they had.

They might not have saved your home or kept the fire from your back door, but here’s an opportunity to let them know how you feel. 

► Hang a red ribbon for our local heroes: And you can show your support on Sunday, too.

Leslie & Ian Carroll: This amazing town of Wauchope and the people of this area are the most courageous & caring ppl I have the pleasure to know. The community spirit and comradship felt in this town is amazing. Thankyou to all the firies , volunteeries and support crews THANK YOU JUST DOESN’T SEEM NEAR ENOUGH.

Bev Hansen: OMG thanks so much

Brenda Wright: Thank you for everything u did to save our homes. You are true legends.

Meneesha: Thank you we knew we would be safe being in town but its scary knowing what the people affected by the fires would have been thinking watching the fires getting closer and closer to their homes and for some their way to earn a living.thank you for risking your lives for other thank you for helping the animals

Glenda Smith: Many thanks for the assistance you gave to my daughter & son-in-law H & K McKenzie of Pappenbarra road. My late husband, a fire fighter of many years & recipient of the National award would have also wanted to say thanks, he might also have been trying to tell you how to do it all.

Jacqui Parker: To the beautiful souls that give their time and effort , to protect others, I will be forever grateful

Hope Family: To everyone who kept Beechwood safe and did all they could in Pappinbarra we are eternally grateful.

Gaye Bailey: What a magnificent group of people you firies are You all deserve a big thank you So proud of each and everyone of you

Sue Schmitzer: Thanks to all the tidless fire fighters and other agencies that lend a hand when they are needed.

Alan and Wendy Moran: Thank you so much to all involved in last Sunday's fire and to all the people that did loose everything we are thinking of you

Julie: Thank You all so very much for all the hours of hard work you put in at Pappinbarra. Firemen Ambulance Police are a special of people and none of you get paid enough for all you do xo

Tracey A'Beckett: Thank you!! Well Done you are all amazing people..putting your lives at risk especially in that heat.let alone the heat of the fire.y ou are all truly amazing..high fives

Cara Walsh: A huge thankyou to all the firies that worked all over the Mid North Coast at Dongdingalong & Pappinbara.

Marion de Boor: You are amazing People, you Firefighters.Thank you

Robyn: Under the most aweful conditions, you made us proud for your selfless community spirit over come every hurdle that fire threw at you big and small. You never gave in and surrendered to the I can't instead saying a collective We Can and We Wll beat this, a you did. Your efforts saved countless lives, homes and much loved animals. For that you all deserve a huge Thank You.

Shirley McGowan: Thank you Peter Ince and all the crews fighting fires on that horrendous weekend. Thank you for keeping the community safe x

Cheryl Parker: I am in NZ and was shocked to see Beechwood locals talking on the NZ news about the fire. The message was "We don't know how the firies managed to save us". Congratulations and thank you all firefighters. You are the envy of the world!

Ang & Fred Rumbel: Thank you to all emergency personnel who attended the bushfires at Pappinbarra. A special thank you to the local brigades who have been hard at it since last Thursday attending the fire around our place. You are truly wonderful and selfless people.

Amber: Absolute heroes! Thank you.

Dottie Gavenlock: As an ex-Wauchopian I'd like to thank you for doing such a great job looking after everyone including some of my friends.Well done xx

Jennifer Hickey: Thank you Mark Hickey

Leanne Farrington: Words can not express the thanks we feel to the brave men and women who saved our home under such horrendous circumstances. True hero's

Erica Parry: Thank you Braidon Hill and your whole crew xx Love you xx

Vicki: Your tireless efforts saved our community and many many homes, thank you so much for your dedication, a great job done by all

Kim Hill: Thank you to all the selfless volunteers that go into such horrendous conditions to save/protect us all. Without doubt you are heroes. In particular my 18 year old son, I love you for being the community minded, caring, devoted young man that you are. I couldn't be prouder to be your mum.

Di Ellis: Thanks heaps! You saved my home while I was "holidaying"! XxxXxx Cheers

Bev Hansen: OMG thanks so much!

Heather Lattimore: A great bigThank you to all of you for all your many hours of work under such hot and dangerous conditions to try and save properties homes and livestock as well as lives a job well done and very much appreciated by all the families in the pappinbarra Beachwood and surrounding areas

Tracey Williams: A huge heartfelt thank you to our firies!!!! Great work guys! U saved so many of our houses!!! A huge thanks!!!

Frances Hall: Our HEROES. Thank you for your bravery and being on the front lines to keep our communities safe from the ravaging bush fires.

Tracey Rietdyk: Thank you

Mark Relf: Thanks to all those who attended to our property (shown in the above photo) and saved our buildings. On such a hot day I know how hard that would have been.

Samantha Mills: A MASSIVE thank you for all that you do...not just what you did on Sunday  :)

Rose Keough: Thank you

Sherral Carney: Thank you all for the dedicated voluntary work you do to save live, properties and live stock especially in those horrendous conditions at the weekend . Be very proud of your dedication

Winsome Lusher: Thank you.

Gwen Jury: You helped out when no one else could! A huge thank you to all emergency service people!

Michelle Rogers: Thank you!

Clint & Sarah: Thank you so much for all your great work?

Cheryl Clayworth: Thankyou to everyone involved.

Jenny Rowsell: A Big thank you to our tired firies. You people did an awesome job over the weekend and always continue to do so.

Vicki: Your tireless efforts saved our community and many many homes, thank you so much for your dedication, a great job done by all.

Sharyn Brown: Thank you for your dedication

Jill Borrie: Thank you

Glennys Wincote: Thank you. Australian volunteers like no where else in the world.

Brooke Jessica Kirk: Thankyou. You protected our Dairy Farm out pappinbarra. Nothing i could do to show the amount of appreciation and respect we have for your crews  :) Your crews have done an incredible job of fighting these fires and our property was saved along with a number of others. The dedicated farmer my partner is, he took all appropriate actions to keep our livestock safe & the property prepared and the fire crews did the rest and kept our property safe. A Big Thankyou From "Clover Hills Dairy Farm" to the crews who fought in the pappinbarra fires. Incredible effort!!! 

Farmers: Guardians of Our Land

Firefighters: Angels in Disguise

Together they can move mountains!!

Meredith Pisani: Thank you  👍

Sonyia Sydenham: Thank you  💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗

Kat Schoots: God bless u for all u do u risk your life to help others your all real life heroes thank u

Lorraine Bignell: Thank you  😊

Bianca Geihe: Thank you for all that you did and do each day

Michelle Thompson Thank you!!!

Di: The Firies, Police, CES, Ambos and all those out there who put their life on the line for those in need l would like to see them rewarded with early retirement. GOD KNOWS THEY HAVE EARNED IT.

Julie Jones: Thank you

Steve and Julie Hadfield: Thank you all so very much, you saved our house and machinery, which we thought we had lost, we will be forever great full for all your hard work, we can't thank you enough, so much admiration for all the services that were involved, you have done an amazing job, love you all.

Carol Branch: Thank you for your selfless dedication we all owe you guys and girls big. Wonderful to know you are there for is.

Jodi Tj Atkins: Thankyou  ❤

Loryn Mendham: Thank you not only to the front line firefighters but the Incident Management Teams behind the scenes! The planning, operations and logistics are huge tasks, as are the Communications!!! It's a huge job that people don't always see or recognise!! Also a huge shout out to all the local employers who have given time off to those firefighters and other volunteers!!

Victoria Watkins: Without these people many more homes an proerties woukd have been lost. Many thanks for all the tireless work you do.

Victoria Watkins: Without these people many more homes an proerties woukd have been lost. Many thanks for all the tireless work you do.

Kelly Barsley: Thankyou you are all amazing!

Sharon Dalby Wurm: True there is everyone too say thank you too ... Shows that we all appreciate them , fire fighters, police, ambos, ses , water bombing people, even council ... People doing food and supplying water for drinks ... And it could of been worse if theses everyday people were not there ... Heart goes out too the families that lost everything .xxx please wear red and put a red ribbon out or a sign on Sunday 19th ,1 week too the day.

Bowden Jennifer: Wonderful people. THANKYOU

Belinda Weston: What we do without you. Thank you  😊

Nyky Napier-Reynolds Thank you!!!!  😃

Howard Mitchell: Wonderful people, alway putting their job on the front line. 

Maggie O'Brien: Thank you o all fire fighters, in the front line and to those behind the scenes, God bless you all.

Maria Hicks: Thank you great work.

Roslyn Pryke: Thank you for the wonderful job you have done.

Fiona Hunt: Big Thank-you to all Firies and Emergency Service people Australia-wide.

Julia Rumble: A Big thank-you to all Firies and Emergency Service people Australia-wide. Thank you.

Alice Beaven: Thank you to all the Firies and Emergency Services who put their themselves out there over the weekend. It could have been even worse.

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