Survivors thank firies at Pappinbarra meeting

Hollisdale hall where Pappinbarra people met.
Hollisdale hall where Pappinbarra people met.


Lisa McLeod, Pappinbarra Progress Association president.

Lisa McLeod, Pappinbarra Progress Association president.

Weary Pappinbarra people met at Hollisdale hall last night (Thursday) to thank the firefighters who saved 45 homes from destruction in the devastating bushfires.

They shared their experiences of the catastrophic blazes, and talked to agencies that could help them.

Lisa McLeod, president of the Pappinbarra Progress Association, said the meeting, which began with a barbecue, went very well.

“It was very positive.  A lot of stories were shared, a lot of people reconnected with people they hadn’t seen for a while,” she said.

228 people attended, with a multitude of agencies ready to help. They included: 

  • The Rural Fire Service
  • Police
  • Port Macquarie Hastings Council 
  • Primary Industries
  • ForestCorp
  • Local Land Services 
  • Human Services
  • North Coast Health, Family and Community Services 
  • Lifeline Mid Coast

The Association has a big weekend ahead, collecting everyone’s data.  

“We have deliveries of fodder coming up the road and by late Sunday, we hope to match everyone up with the services they need – food, fodder, fences, equipment,” said Lisa.

“The community response is phenomenal.  There are high emotions running, and some exhausted people in the valley offering their services.  People are really tired, and we are re-grouping.

“The RFS were in position the Wednesday before the Thursday fire, getting ready, because they knew something was going to happen, and that’s why the impact was lessened, so we lost six dwellings rather than 45.  

“Everybody last night couldn’t thank the RFS enough – Beechwood, Pappinbarra and Hollisdale brigades.  We are so lucky to have those people living here and looking after our safety.

“Our community is growing in tightness and people will make life-long friends,” added Lisa.