Trouble at Wauchope Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce president Tanya Simmons
Chamber of Commerce president Tanya Simmons

Wauchope Chamber of Commerce has requested all members to attend a special general meeting on Wednesday March 29.

The meeting has been requested by former president Rob Hamilton, Jenny Pursehouse, Gavin Newbound and Chris Gill to discuss and vote on a motion they’ve put forward.

The motion is that there be a vote of no confidence in the current Executive of the Wauchope Chamber of Commerce and Industry and that the executive step down to allow the election of a new executive committee forthwith.

The meeting will be held at Wauchope Country Club.

All current financial members will have the opportunity to talk for or against the motion.

Voting will be conducted by secret ballot.

Rob Hamilton said he believes the current executive has proven to be ineffective.

The Chamber president, Wauchope businesswoman Tanya Simmons, who won the 2017 Hastings heroine award, said she had no comment to make at this time.

The executive will meet on Wednesday March 22.

The other members of the executive are Caleb Rose who is Vice President, Ann Pereira who is treasurer, and committee members Corey Richardson, Tim Walker and Gary Rainbow.