Helping homeless youth in Wauchope | photos

Did you know that more than 26,000 young Australians do not have a home and on any given night in our own Hastings area, 200 young people are effectively homeless?

Youth Homelessness Matters Day advocates set up outside Wauchope IGA recently, to tell people more about the problem.

They created a box city to make the point that you can’t put everyone in a box.

Sponsors included the Hastings Co-op and Coppy’s Butcher Block in Wauchope.

Not everyone’s life fits into a pretty little package.

Michelle Ackerman

Michelle Ackerman is Operations manager of YP Space Mid North Coast which helps homeless young people.

“Not everyone’s life fits into a pretty little package,” she said.

“If we put all the boxes together, it represents community.  How can we hold each other up and suppport each other, and keep everyone okay?”  

To get help or find out more, contact YP Space Mid North Coast on 6584 0066