Pastor wants debate about his Anzac Day oration | letter


In response to Lisa Intemann’s comments about my Oration at the Anzac Day service, I wondered whether there was an opportunity for many of us to set aside a time and find a space to civilly discuss the issues of our time and country.


Others have suggested that they would like to be a part of such a discussion. Perhaps Lisa and I could co-facilitate the discussion?

I did suggest, that in the spirit of our forebear diggers, that we be copiers of the Lord God and be prepared to sacrifice much. We are under a pressure to not talk about aspects of various topics.

There are attachments to some of these “sacred cows” that we feel like are “no go” areas. Free speech feels to be not so free.

Maybe some of the sacred cows or their attachments should be considered for sacrifice. Perhaps we could start with the topic of free speech itself. As Lisa said “Diversity and discussion is strength, and dogma disrespects the sacrifices of the past.” This could be even more good that comes from Anzac Day.

So, if you would like to be involved in such a discussion, then let me know.  The church’s email, that I monitor, is

Pastor Peter Huxley, Wauchope Presbyterian Church