Join the adventure with your local Ulysses Club

Join the adventure:  To find out about your local club just go to
Join the adventure: To find out about your local club just go to

One of the first things people want to know is why does the club have such an unusual name. 

Ulysses describes the spark for adventure which you seek through riding motorcycles. The name comes from a poem of the same title by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. 

It tells the tale of the great Greek hero Ulysses, now middle-aged and securely in charge of his kingdom of Ithaca, who is becoming bored in retirement and longs to go adventuring again with his shipmates of old. Sound familiar? It describes very well the sort of person who still has enough spark to go on riding into middle and later years.

So if you are feeling inspired and the spirit of adventure is calling you, why not join your local club?

The Port Macquarie Mid North Coast Ulysses Club is centred around the Hastings Local Government Area. This includes Port Macquarie, Kew, Kendall, Wauchope, Laurieton, Bonny Hills, Lake Cathie, Telegraph Point and outlying areas.

The Branch holds a social meeting on the second Tuesday of the month, at the Lake Cathie Bowling Club, starting at 6pm for dinner followed by the social meeting at 7.00pm.


Every Wednesday there are weekly rides to join, either heading south or north.

There is also a girls-only ride, as well as plenty of social gatherings.