Firefighters are still controlling bush fires around the Hastings after Wednesday's hot weather

Rural Fire Service crews are controlling a number of fires around our area.

They are all at advice level and are at:

  • John Wallis Road in Pappinbarra, where a bush fire over 5 hectares is being controlled
  • Ralfes Trail near Yarras where a bush fire over 43 hectares is being controlled
  • Pacific Highway at Cooperabung where a small bush fire is being controlled
  • Mount Seaview where a bush fire over 574 hectares is being controlled
  • 1025 Ponsfords Road at Ellenborough where a bush fire over 32 hectares is being controlled

The Forest Corporation of NSW is controlling hazard reduction burns at Ballengarra and Kiparra State Forests and Werrikimbe National Park.

The advice is: do not leave a fire unattended and be sure to notify your neighbours and Hastings Fire Control 6588 9000 24 hours prior to lighting up.

If you see an unattended fire please call 000.

A number of fires started on Wednesday with the hot and windy conditions. 

At Pappinbarra, a project to install play equipment at Hollisdale Hall on Saturday August 19 has been postponed so that local RFS volunteers can help control the fire at John Wallis Road.

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Prepare your home

A well prepared home is more likely to survive a bush fire.

Even if your plan is to leave early, the more you prepare your home, the more likely it will survive a bush fire or ember attack.

A well prepared home can also be easier for you or firefighters to defend, and is less likely to put your neighbours' homes at risk.

A well prepared home will also give you more protection if a fire threatens suddenly and you cannot leave.

Here are some basic maintenance tips to prepare your property:

  • Clean your gutters of leaves and twigs
  • Install metal gutter guards
  • Repair damaged or missing tiles on the roof
  • Install fine metal mesh screens on windows and doors
  • Fit seals around doors and windows to eliminate gaps
  • Enclose the areas under the house
  • Repair or cover gaps in external walls
  • Attach a fire sprinkler system to gutters
  • Keep lawns short and gardens well maintained
  • Cut back trees and shrubs overhanging buildings
  • Clean up fallen leaves, twigs and debris around the property
  • Have hoses long enough to reach around your house

If you have a pool, tank or dam, put a Static Water Supply (SWS) sign on your property entrance, so firefighters know where they can get water

Check and maintain adequate levels of home and contents insurance. Ensure it is up to date.


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