Adult and community learning programs all over Wauchope

GET READY FOR WORK: Lyn Schrader, SkillsLink Development Coordinator and Rob Hamilton, manager of Wauchope Resort and Motel.

GET READY FOR WORK: Lyn Schrader, SkillsLink Development Coordinator and Rob Hamilton, manager of Wauchope Resort and Motel.

Community college activity in Wauchope had been in a bit of a lull over the past couple of years, but that’s all about to change. A new series of learning programs will be running all over town.

Do you know a young person or a jobseeker who loves coffee and cooking?

Thanks to the generosity of David and Alison, Timbertown’s “Maul & Wedge” will host a special Hospitality & Café Skills program for young people who’ve finished school and would like to gain skills for work while having loads of fun. 

Participants in this program will plan an event to be held in the final week of the program which will see invited guests enjoy a train ride before being treated to a gourmet Café experience courtesy of the students.

For jobseekers, Port Community College are holding a Housekeeping skills training program with on-the-job training for accredited units of competency. Rob Hamilton at the Wauchope Resort & Motel has kindly agreed to host this course just in time for the high tourist season.

People with intellectual disability will be able to take part in the LifeSkills Express program running in the mornings at Wauchope Library with Storytelling, and at the Uniting Church Hall in the afternoons, with Communication Skills.

This program is helps participants to deliver vital life and independent living skills with a focus on building literacy.

The CWA Hall will host First Aid courses for jobseekers, those needing to keep updated for work or anyone wanting to be prepared to assist in an emergency.

Drop in for some Tech Savvy Seniors classes at several locations around town.

Wauchope Country Club will host RSA, RCG and a Bar Skills courses in the coming months.

There will be funding available for eligible participants so call the college to find out more.

Of course, we have programs running across the Port Macquarie – Hastings area with a focus on young people leaving school at this time of year, including an exciting range of Transition courses for young people in our new “MakerSpace” in Albert Circuit where hands on learning will take place in areas such as Horticulture, Building & Maintenance and Creative Arts,

So if you know any young people who are coming to the end of the school year or thinking about work for over the holidays, let them know that your community college will be alive with activity from October onwards.

“We are looking forward to renewing our acquaintance with the Wauchope community – and it’s about time too,” said Sue English from Port Macquarie Community College.

To find out about all our learning and life development programs, please ring 65837288 for details, or visit our website on to see the full range.