Wauchope reaction to majority yes on same-sex marriage

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File image: SMH

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It is a momentous day for the nation with Australians overwhelmingly voting yes for marriage equality.

That support was matched in the local electorates of Lyne and Cowper.

In Lyne, 55.3% of 92,955 participants voted yes and in Cowper, 60% of 95,810 who voted were in favour.

The announcement was made at 10am on Wednesday November 15 by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Member for Lyne, Dr David Gillespie said he was pleased that in his electorate, 81 percent of voters responded to the survey.

"I have always said that as a Federal Member of Parliament, I would always respect the majority view within my electorate in determining my position on this issue, regardless of my own personal views.

"I look forward to now dealing with the legislation that facilitates the will of our electorate and the Australian people with the religious protections that have been committed to throughout the debate leading up to the completion of this survey," Dr Gillespie said.

The reaction on the street in Wauchope was mixed.  

“It’s fantastic as long a the government actually do something about it.  I reckon anyone should be able to get married if they want to,” said Sophie Glascott.

“It’s dreadful.  I think we are stripping away the fabric of our society,” said Reg Pierce.

“If people love each other, why not?  You can’t stop it because it’s been here for a very long time,” said Patricia Clarke.

“I think the survey was a waste of time and money.  I voted no because I don’t believe it should be called marriage.  I don’t object to them getting equal rights but don’t call it marriage,” said Valmai Griffin.

“Why not?  New Zealand has it and they’re always ahead of us.  The government has made a big thing out of nothing,” said Billie Scott.

“I was a no voter because of religious believes and where this world is going.  I have gay friends but I don’t think they need a piece of paper from the government.  I can’t see why it’s important,” said Josephine Kruse.

“I think we knew before the survey what most people’s opinion is on this issue, but it’s wonderful that so many Australians responded to give us a formal number,” said Deputy Mayor Lisa Intemann who lives in Wauchope.

“Now it’s up to Parliament to follow through on the result without delay, and let each person marry who they love without discrimination on gender. There are so many important issues to deal with, so let’s not waste more time haggling over this one.”

Member for Cowper Luke Hartsuyker said the postal survey results were conclusive.

"I think the result was expected, with an overwhelming yes, both nationally and in the electorate of Cowper.  The Australian public has said yes and I fully intend to facilitate a vote in parliament where I will be voting yes.”

ACON, NSW’s leading LGBTI health organisation, has warmly welcomed the ‘yes’ result as a huge step forward for LGBTI equality in Australia, according to ACON president Justin Koonin said

“As an organisation that has openly and proudly supported marriage equality in Australia, ACON is heartened to see LGBTI people receive so much support from the Australian public,” Dr Koonin said. 

“This is an encouraging outcome that we hope will finally pave the wave for marriage equality.”

Dr Koonin said the protracted public discourse on marriage equality has had a detrimental effect on people’s health.

“Over the past few months, our communities have been subjected to an unnecessary and divisive debate, which has caused many people distress. 

"Research show that LGBTI people experience higher levels of depression, anxiety disorders, self-harm, suicidal ideation and suicide compared to the general population. These health conditions have been exacerbated by this harmful debate, which has caused segregation and may have led to poorer health outcomes,” he said.

ABS same-sex marriage survey results declared in Canberra:


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