Special plough for hire as Hastings Landcare and Co-op team up

Stephen Allwood from Hastings Landcare and Steve Cooper from Hastings Co-op Mitre 10.
Stephen Allwood from Hastings Landcare and Steve Cooper from Hastings Co-op Mitre 10.

Hastings Co-op and Hastings Landcare have partnered to offer a Yeoman’s Picnic Plow for hire at Mitre 10 and CRT Wauchope.

The Yeoman’s Plow is designed to be used across the contours of the land to slow and capture water run-off.

It can be used to open up the soil to air, allowing deeper water penetration to accelerate soil biological activity and increase organic matter content in soil.

The main benefit is that it can be used to rip soil without causing any damage to the soil layer profiles.

While the plow is owned by Hastings Landcare, Hastings Co-op’s Mitre 10 and CRT store is supporting the initiative by storing the plow and helping to lift it off and on to customers’ vehicles.

Hastings Landcare Inc. is a not-for-profit incorporated association, made up of member groups and individuals supporting natural resource management in the greater Hastings catchments.

They cover the area from the Maria River in the north, to the Stewarts River in the south, and all lands draining into the Hastings River.

That includes the Wilson, Pappinbarra, Thone, Ellenborough and Camden Haven rivers, the plateau landscapes of Comboyne and Elands, and the coastal corridor from Northside at Port Macquarie through to Crowdy Bay National Park.

Hastings Landcare receive funding support from the NSW Government through North Coast Local Land Services and a range of other Australian Government or State Government funding programs.

They support communities, groups and individuals in natural resource management and restoration work

For information about hiring the plow, phone 6586 4465 or email office@hastingslandcare.org.au