Wauchope Arts Group charity auction at Wauchope Country Club, March 25

Wauchope Arts Group are running an arts morning, auctioning local artists’ work, with a talk by art historian Deane Hardwick, and a devonshire tea to fundraise for the Cancer Council.

It will take place at 10.30am on March 25 at Wauchope Country Club. Donations of artwork from the Hastings Fine Art Society, including professional artists, will go under the hammer.

40 people from the Port Macquarie Antique Car Club will be there.  The entrance fee of $5 include tea  and a scone. There will also be a raffle.

Some of the members of Wauchope Arts Group are cancer survivors, and wanted to raise funds.

“We also have a general interest in art, and have become friends,” said Gabby Hare-Brown.

“If anyone has had cancer, we are very grateful to those who gave to the Cancer Council before, and that’s why we are doing this.”

The Wauchope Arts Group members meet every Thursday at the country club from 10am until 1pm and new members are always welcome, even if they’ve never tried art before.

Barry Beames gives tuition to the members, who bring their own materials and there is no cost.

Val Adams has been painting for 30 years.

“I just come here for the company,” she smiled.

Margaret Tucker has been coming for four years.

“I moved up here from South Australia and my friend, Penny, suggested I come.  It’s an escape.  I come here and have a chat and don’t think about anything else, which is good.  The girls are all really lovely,” she said.

Her friend, Penny Treacy from Wauchope, has been coming for 12 years.

“I have always wanted to some art and it was a way of meeting some new people, and relaxing.  I absolutely love it,” she said.

Tickets for the art auction on Sunday March 25 at 10.30am at Wauchope Country Club are available at the door or ring Annette on 0419449443.