Rollands Plains community give wish-list to mayor | photos

The Rollands Plains community presented a wish-list of requests to the mayor during a visit there.

On Thursday April 12, Peta Pinson officially opened the disabled access to the hall, which was built with the help of a council grant.

They outlined four goals which they hope to get help with from the council:

  1. Help with mowing the recreation reserve and grounds
  2. Being allowed to have more than three caravans in the recreation reserve
  3. Better signage directing drivers to Rollands Plains
  4. Public toilets with disabled access

The Rollands Plains hall was built by community subscription 50 years ago. 

“Janette and I came here in 1980 and there was a vibrant bunch of young people having dances and markets as well as more traditional events like campdraft,” said Neil Jones.

There was a bit of a decline in activity for a while but since 2005, there’s been a resurgence of interest and the community have progressively upgraded the hall, as young families and retirees have settled in the area.

The hall is hired out for weddings and christenings, and is used by a history group for meetings, the community group runs high teas and an annual Christmas party. They have spent council grants (and matched them) refurbishing toilets, guttering and foundations, and getting a water tank.

The hall has a computer room and a kitchen which can cater for 100 guests.

“A lot of people put in their time, not just labour time, often highly skilled work by builders and concreters.  Most of the grants have been community grants from the council and we really appreciate the funding programs,” said Phil Morton.

The mayor said the hall is a building but the heart is the community.

“In my role as mayor, I find it astounding the level of commitment from individuals who make up committees and listening now to how the hall is being used.  Halls are the life blood of communities,” said Peta Pinson.