Wauchope Little Athletics have a great season | photos

Wauchope Little Athletics Centre wrapped their season up with their presentation out at Bago Maze and Winery.

Congratulations to Cameron Lloyd for taking out the club person of the year, while Melinda Burke and Matthew Burke received the female and male championship awards.

Age group awards for track and field went to

  • Under 6's 1st Lucus Milner, 2nd Layla White and 3rd Jaxzyn Sampson.
  • Under 7's 1st Flynn McGovern, 2nd Lucy Lyon and 3rd Peyton Donovan.
  • Under 8's  1st Nicholas Milner, 2nd Ella Broderick and 3rd Pamela Donovan.
  • Under 9's 1st Teleah Holbert, 2nd Riley Copp and 3rd Annika Ukkonen.
  • Under 10's 1st Joel Holbert, 2nd Grace Smith and 3rd Harrison Lyon.
  • Under 12's 1st Rhiannon Slater, 2nd Cooper Farrington and 3rd Kelly Wade.
  • Under 13's 1st Jett Fletcher, 2nd Kellie Burke and Sonny Crisp.
  • Under 14's 1st Madeline Lynch, 2nd Ruby McAndrew and 3rd Riley Farrington.
  • Under 15's 1st Zacheriah Goldie, 2nd Cameron Lloyd and 3rd Kasey Fletcher.
  • Under 17's 1st Shikira Porter, 2nd Matthew Burke and 3rd Melinda Burke.

Congratulations to everyone on a great season.