Letter: let's all get home safely, cyclists and motorists

I am a local resident and cyclist. I am also someone's wife, mother, daughter and sister.

Thank you to all the milk trucks, logging trucks, school buses and utes that give me a wave, a wide berth or slow down to pass me safely every day on the road.

Last week, thanks to our local member and NSW Roads Minister, Melinda Pavey, the metre matters, minimum passing distance pilot is now law.

That means you can legally cross double white lines if safe, and must give cyclists a metre in a 60km zone or 1.5M in zones over 60km.

So if we all comply with the new laws and share the road, and I stay as far left as I can, wear high visibility and always have front and back flashing lights so you can see me - together we can all get home safely.

Jill Pattison, Brombin