Wauchope old school building may be moved

The old building at Wauchope Public School may be relocated.
The old building at Wauchope Public School may be relocated.

There has been a lot of interest in the tender for the  work to upgrade Wauchope Public School, and the old school building may be relocated.

Rob Walsh from APP for the Department of Education said the upgrade was a significant project for the school and a great benefit for current and future students. 

He was speaking at a public information session outside the IGA in Wauchope last week.

The major upgrade will provide new and improved facilities funded by the NSW Government, including 13 new classrooms and will allow the school to cater for about 750 students.

Mr Walsh said APP are looking at the possibility of relocating the old school building.

“A heritage consultant and a structural engineer have just been appointed in the last few days to look at relocation,” he said.

Last year, the Department of Education announced multi-million dollar funding for a major upgrade of the school, providing new learning spaces for the school’s 750 students, replacing an old six-classroom block and removing seven demountable classrooms.

Wauchope District Historical Society want the heritage-listed school building, Block Six, should be preserved for its heritage and its historical significance.

They say it was erected during the First World War when people needed hope, and that Wauchope, formerly known as Timbertown, has very few historical buildings left.