Bundaleer Care Services hosts afternoon tea for potential volunteers

Bundaleer Care Homes hosted an afternoon tea as part of the celebrations for National Volunteer Week on Wednesday June 6.

The event was to thank the extraordinary group of people who volunteer their time at the Bundaleer Care Homes in Wauchope.

Over afternoon tea and coffee Bundaleer’s existing volunteers including Cheryl Hoole and Valetta Turner shared their stories with guests who were interested to understand how they too, could make a difference.

 And they learned that it is possible to make a difference in an little as one hour a week.

While volunteering is largely a selfless act, for those sharing their time and talents the benefits can be great, a Bundaleer spokesperson said.

"Volunteering helps reduce stress levels through lending support, gaining new experience and donating time which all contribute to a healthier psychological well-being,” the spokesperson said.

“Connecting with others while taking part in meaningful work helps relieve stress and anxiety, and releases endorphins, our body’s natural ‘feel-good’ chemicals which trigger positive feelings in the body.

“Volunteering provides a sense of purpose, pride and accomplishment.

“Your goodwill for the community can also offer a sense of identity, especially if the volunteer activity is vastly different from everyday life. Impacting the experiences of residents, their families and staff every single day is a powerful motivator for our volunteers.

“Spending time connecting with members living in your community can result in positive rapport and lasting friendships with others.

“Volunteering with those who share common interests and goals can also help create a natural environment for building friendships and deep personal connections.”

Lending time and effort to an organisation attributes to a more active lifestyle and promotes healthier aging.

If you are interested in finding out how you can make a difference in as little as one hour a week please call  6585 2811.