Federal Budget boost for more regional students to get Youth Allowance

Lyne MP David Gillespie
Lyne MP David Gillespie

Regional students and schools will benefit from measures announced in this year’s Budget.

The federal Coalition government is providing $53.9 million to increase the number of regional students who are eligible for Youth Allowance by raising the parental income cut-off for the regional workforce self-supporting independence criteria.

It is estimated an extra 2,300 students from regional Australia will be eligible for Youth Allowance as a result of these changes.

Our government is working to address the challenges faced by students in regional and remote areas.

The changes ensure students are well supported to travel between home and boarding school and are encouraged to finish their schooling.

The federal government has also accepted all 11 recommendations of the Independent Review into Regional, Rural and Remote Education, to support more regional and remote students to get an education.

The federal Coalition government is committed to ensuring that regional and remote students have the same access to education and the same opportunities to attend university as students who live in big cities.

The cost of student accommodation was a significant issue for rural and remote families according to the Independent Review into Regional, Rural and Remote Education. This expansion of the number of children eligible to receive the Youth Allowance will help relieve that burden.

The measures announced in the Budget, will help ease the pressure on regional families working hard to make sure their children get the best education possible through to university.