Port Macquarie Model Expo on July 7 and 8 at Port Panthers

Beautiful ship: Allan Masters is an expert hobbyist and will be at the model expo on July 7 and 8.
Beautiful ship: Allan Masters is an expert hobbyist and will be at the model expo on July 7 and 8.

DAZZLING models of watercraft, aircraft, trains, cars and just about all other forms of transportation will be on display at the Port Macquarie Model Expo this weekend.

It is on July 7 and 8 at Port Panthers, with a gold coin donation gaining you entry to the phenomenal showcase that will feature around 86 exhibitors. All proceeds go to the Port Macquarie Maritime Museum.

The exhibit is held each year and draws a huge crowd who are often in awe at some of the creations and how detailed they are.

Allan Masters is an expert hobbyist specialising in water models from around the world.

"I've been into modelling all my life. I started when I was young, making different little things,” he said. 

“I still have boats I made for my kids when they were toddlers and they are in their 40s and 50s now. It's a hobby that really grabs you.”

Mr Masters said he finds the fact you can make anything the most captivating part of model making, with technology now playing a big role in how intricate designs can be.

“A lot of them now have electrics in them for the lights and sound systems and are remotely operated,” he said.

“The possibilities with models are endless. It's come a long way thanks to technology. It's mind blowing what you can do.”

He said while ships are quite popular, the water crafts are his personal favourite. Other popular models include planes, trains and military vehicles in small scale.

Some scales you will see include 1/12 (12 times smaller than real life), 1/28 and 1/72.

“It's not always a cheap hobby, but it depends what you make,” Mr Masters said. 

“It's such an enjoyable hobby. You can go online and get all sorts of information, kits and plans for things. There is something for everyone.

“It's a fulfilling effort to create something and see it completed. Taking a boat out on the water that you have created is a wonderful feeling.”

His proudest piece is the RNLB Ruby and Arthur Reed II, which was primarily an English vessel developed in the 1960s.

Doors open at 9am each day, closing at 5pm on Saturday and 4pm on Sunday.