Letter: old school must not be moved into Bain Park

Old School Building vs Bain Park:

School Building

  • School building is 100 years old
  • Remodelled, buy now unrecognisable from the original eg; verandahs gone
  • Bain Park green space would be lost forever
  • As a museum it would be available just for the use of a select few

Bain Park

  • Given to the people, by the people, for perpetuity in 1911
  • Also been remodelled, but to its detriment, by land resumptions for other uses
  • The population of Wauchope and environs is exploding.
  • Green space is becoming more precious, and needs to be preserved for generations to come
  • The preservation of Bain Park in its present state is vital to the social health of our town
  • Whenever any parkland has been resumed, it is gone forever, and the community is the poorer for its loss.

I wish to go on record that I, along with many others, object vehemently to the current proposition of using Bain Park for any purpose other than parkland.

Lyn Carter, Wauchope