Bundaleer Gardens: It’s a lifestyle choice

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Deciding that the time is right to move into a Retirement Village is not always easy, but with new friends, activities to join and a welcoming community, you might end up wondering why you didn’t make the change earlier.

Offering newly renovated residential villas, Bundaleer Gardens, offer residents the level of privacy and independence they would expect in their own homes, as well as providing a wide range of social activities and the opportunity to make new friendships and connections. 

Sheree Cheetham, Bundaleer’s Independent Living Village Manager explains that when you move into a Retirement Village, it’s more than a home. It’s a lifestyle choice.

“When you live at Bundaleer you are enjoying the freedom to follow your dreams without the stress of maintaining your family home. Having fewer responsibilities around the house gives you more time with your friends and family and most importantly gives you more time every day to spend doing the things that make you happy.”

And a quick catch up with some of our residents – some of whom have been here for 28 years - helps to understand the varied reasons behind how they knew the time was right for them to consider moving to a Retirement Village. 

Noeline Hirst has been a resident at Bundaleer for nine years and for her, safety was the key motivator for her move. Not long after losing her husband, Noeline was the victim of a home invasion. 

Her home was turned upside down, while she was watching TV in another room. “I knew I would be safe at Bundaleer. Security and friendship was all I wanted and I have both of those things in spades here,” she says. 

“I love the monthly resident BBQ and our Happy Hours.

“Golf is my passion. I play three times a week guilt-free because I don’t have to do any work around the house. I don’t like to garden – so I don’t have to and my gardens still look amazing!”

Poppy Burnett is in her 21st year of living at Bundaleer, but it was a long time before that that she decided that Bundaleer was for her. 

When Poppy first arrived in Wauchope she was living on the peak of Burrawong Drive, with a view through to Bundaleer. She and her husband would eat their meals looking out the window to Bundaleer. “My husband used to say that’s where we will end up when I can’t do the gardens anymore.”

After losing her husband, Poppy accepted that the house was far too big for her and she knew Bundaleer was her next home, taking comfort in the fact that she followed her husband’s plan for the both of them.

“I just love it here”, says Poppy.  “I love the fact that I can go away on holiday and know that the place is being looked after. I love that I don’t have to mow any lawns and I play cards on Mondays and do craft on Wednesdays.”    

I love the friendships that Bundaleer gives me."

Poppy Burnett

Cheryl Hoole came to Bundaleer almost five years ago. Her husband Colin had begun having health issues which prevented him from doing chores around their home. While initially, they downsized from their acreage to a smaller home, it wasn’t long before they realised that Bundaleer Retirement Village was their next step. 

By her own admission, Cheryl hadn’t considered herself ready for a Retirement Village, but says she hasn’t looked back. 

“My main reservation”, she says, “was that I love gardening and left behind a beautiful rose garden. But the Bundaleer team arranged for some soil to be delivered for me and before long not only did I have a beautiful garden, but I’d also been asked to start the Bundaleer Garden Club which still meet weekly today. In fact, we are just about to celebrate our 4th Annual Spring Garden Festival – September 15 if anyone wants to come and check it out!  

“I love living here. My husband loves it too – I believe that it’s because we live here and don’t have the stress of maintaining our own home, that Colin is still alive.

“Everyone here is lovely and we have felt very welcome from the moment we arrived. Being happy is the main thing in life. We came here at a time when we are still active and can get involved.  Colin drives the buggy around the village to chauffeur the ladies for cards twice a week, he also plays cards, plays the odd game of snooker and helps me with the garden club and we love to meet our new arrivals so we keep very busy.”

To take a tour and see the available units just call on 6585 2811 or call in for a cuppa.

We’d love to meet you.

This story It’s a lifestyle choice first appeared on Port Macquarie News.