Meet the Grange Family Medical Team

JUST a few steps inside The Grange Family Medical Centre are enough for any patient to feel at home. 

The six doctors boast a rich wealth of experience that ensures exceptional patient care.

Doctors Adam and Debra King, Dr Keith Tse, Dr Emma McKeough, Dr Rachel Pamplin and now Dr Courtney Smith are all clinicians who aim to know their patients and grow old providing them with the best possible care. 

That care involves all areas of health including family medicine for children, women and men, WorkCover and employment medicals, veterans’ affairs, sports medicine and skin checks. 

Family is at the core of the practice.  Father of two, Dr Keith Tse has lived in Port Macquarie from 2009 until 2012 and loved it so much he moved back to raise his family here.

When he isn’t on the touch football field he can be found indulging his passion for photography or at the beach.

His compassion and medical experience makes him a valued General Practitioner.

Dr Rachel Pamplin.

Dr Rachel Pamplin.

A recent addition to the team is Dr Rachel Pamplin. She worked in Sydney for 12 years before relocating here with her family.

With an abundance of experience, she has already become a valuable member of the team. She enjoys all aspects of general practice but particularly women’s and children’s health. 

The clinic is family owned and managed by husband and wife team, Doctors Adam and Debra King. They have lived in Port Macquarie for 14 years with their three children, and are usually on the sporting field or at the beach or camping. 

Dr Adam King has an interest in sports medicine.

“The best thing about being a GP is we get to grow old with our patients and their families, we get to know their intricacies and become part of their lives,” Dr Adam King said. 

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Dr Courtney Smith.

Dr Courtney Smith.

The team expands

Dr Courtney Smith  is a valued recent member of the team. Courtney was raised on the Mid North Coast where her love for the coastal lifestyle was born. 

Courtney's interests include paediatrics, global health and tropical medicine. 

She has immersed herself into the community and into her medical practice

Dr Emma McKeough.

Dr Emma McKeough.

Welcome Back

The team welcome back Dr Emma McKeough nee Harvey.

Recently married, Emma has just returned from honeymooning in America and rejoins the team as a permanent fixture.

Her interests include women’s health, paediatrics and family medicine. 

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