Stand up for what’s right, and the best in us cannot lose says deputy mayor

Deputy mayor Lisa Intemann
Deputy mayor Lisa Intemann

Has humanity really gone mad, or is it just an illusion from the focus on bad news?

In a world apparently gone haywire in many ways, you can be assured not only that your PMHC continues to keep its focus, but that regular people are still as sane, caring and honest as always.

Global society is going through a bad patch, which might get worse before it gets better. But it will get better. If we can keep our heads then a positive, better change is certain, I believe.

Climate change is a case in point for me.

The move to renewable energy seems now to have reached critical mass – so obvious are the economic, social and environmental imperatives that most people, and indeed most businesses and political leaders, see its necessity and benefits. They are sold.

The madness of social media is running similarly. Gone for the most part is the rudeness, and even when it rears its head there are people willing to either just ignore the moron or cleverly burst their bubble.

Sure, there’s still plenty to worry about, especially for example the rise of extremism in some countries like recently reported in Indonesia, and the endless military chest-pumping of the big powers. There is nothing to say we will not see worse globally before it gets better.

But my point is that regular people remain as basically honest and considerate as they have always been, and we should take heart from that. Stand up for what’s right, and the best in us cannot lose.

As for your council, it might not always do exactly as you personally would prefer. But if you have a beef and it is reasonable, then be assured you will be heard and action taken if possible.

Lobby the organisation at and your councillors at with the facts and a level head.

These are Cr Intemann’s opinions and not necessarily those of council.