Colourful costumes at Wauchope Public School book parade 2018

A colourful bunch of teachers and a fabulous array of colourful characters made the Book Week parade at Wauchope Public School a stunning success.

This year’s theme was ‘Find Your Treasure in Books’ and some of the staff dressed as pirates to add to the fun.  

Following the usual custom, the children paraded through the centre of Wauchope in costume, to the delight of crowds who gathered in the streets.

Book Week began way back in 1946, when the Children’s Book Council of Australia celebrated it, as a means of bringing words, images and stories into the hearts and minds of Australian children, to enrich the nation, and nurture a literate, educated and creative society.

CBCA Book Week continues right across the nation, celebrating the wonderful quality of books published by Australian authors and illustrators.

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