The Land Sydney Showgirl winner Nikki Gibbs supporting drought awareness

The Land Sydney Showgirl Wauchope’s own Nikki Gibbs says raising awareness of the drought has been a large part of her journey in the role so far.

“Drought awareness and supporting rural regions has always been a huge factor in why I joined a competition like this in the first place,” Ms Gibbs said.

“Throughout my journey this year I have attended several functions who are not only celebrating community events and organisations but using those events as platforms for raising much needed funds and awareness for our farmers out west.  

“I feel very thankful but also humbled and privileged to be apart of a movement that allows me to see first hand what people are experiencing on a day to day basis with the on going effects of drought.”

The senior veterinary nurse says it is essential we all stay informed about what our farmers are facing.

“It’s sad to think that some people still do not understand the flow on effects this drought is already creating and the unfortunate toll that will continue to take on our day to day lives in agriculture,” she said.

“We need to be supporting and uplifting our farmers and dear friends in any way we can through these tough times.”

Nikki is also a member of Footprints in Ag, an agricultural group run by youth, who are supporting the Wauchope Show Society’s Drought Breaker Dinner on October 13.

“For me, joining Footprints in Ag was an opportunity sought out to meet like minded people but especially youth, in my local agricultural show family. So far it has provided me with a whirlwind of opportunity to network and connect with so many fantastic groups of people throughout our local communities,” she said.

“The night is set to be filled with auctions, live music and entertainment, fantastic guest speakers, and much more. If you have been thinking about doing more in your community or already have a community group in mind, my advice to you would be to jump in and give it all you’ve got.”

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