Summer heat arrives with a bang: Wauchope Garden Club notes

Although still officially spring, the summer heat has arrived with a bang.  Keep plants well-hydrated and mulched to conserve moisture, as an extreme day can cause much damage to soft new growth.

Wauchope Garden Club held their AGM on Saturday, November 10, starting with a cuppa, then the meeting, a plant swap and show and tell, with the usual fundraising raffle.

We continue to appreciate the support of Wauchope Rural Centre providing our prizes.  This will be followed by a visit to an orchid-grower, Brian Leslie.

What a wonderful afternoon was held to celebrate Wauchope Garden Club’s 60th anniversary on October 13.  Congratulations to our president, Debbie, and her team of helpers who organised this occasion at which 48 people were in attendance.

The president of the Garden Clubs of Australia, Mr Gorge Hoad, was in attendance, and presented a framed certificate to honour the occasion.

A beautifully and appropriately decorated cake was donated by member, Nancy, and our thanks go to her, for her contribution.

Others made beautiful floral arrangements for the tables and hall which were much admired.  All together, it was a special occasion to celebrate 60 years of gardening in Wauchope.


Cut back spring-flowered shrubs after flowering is finished, then feed, water and mulch.  Violas and pansies may also be deadheaded to prolong flowering.

Raise mower blades so grasses can withstand the head of summer more easily. Feed Christmas bushes with iron sulphate to intensify the colour.  Alberys Red is a strong red variety.

Prune rambling roses once flowering has finished and continue to deadhead the first flush of bush roses to maintain their summer flowering.

In the edible garden, feed and liquid fertilise fortnightly to maintain growth.  Hand pollination of your vine crops, every day, to increase your return.

Use old plants as mulch, especially the leguminous varieties, to add the goodness of nitrogen to your compost.

Mount up the soil around potato tubers to keep completely dark for best results.

Good gardening.

Robin Starr