Country Labor's Susan Jenvey launched her campaign in Urunga with the support of Jodi McKay

Surrounded by the party faithful and with the solidarity of Jodi McKay, Shadow Minister for Roads, Valla macadamia farmer and Nambucca Shire councillor, Susan Jenvey, launched her campaign for the seat of Oxley in Urunga on Monday.

With her campaign motto of ‘Changing Local Values for a Better Future’, the Country Labor candidate spoke passionately about why she decided to stand in one of the largest rural NSW seats.

“First and foremost I stand before you as someone who has family farmed for 20 years and as a real deal farmer, I want action on climate change,” Susan said.

“Our freedom to farm is being threatened and we need action on climate change. Coal is not awesome … the ALP likes science, we want to be climate smart, we want to see NSW with the other states in renewable energy.”

SUSAN JENVEY SAYS IT'S TIME: “Labor is ready, I am ready … let’s make it happen.”

SUSAN JENVEY SAYS IT'S TIME: “Labor is ready, I am ready … let’s make it happen.”

Her second reason was to act on the growing wealth gap: "In spite of the beauty here, all is not well – people are going hungry here, people are homeless here, and the region’s lack of affordable rental accommodation is a key driver.  This is not about lazy people, this is about structural faults in our society.”

Susan then moved on to the decimation of TAFE …

“Since 2012, 5700 teachers have been sacked, fees have gone up by 25 per cent and enrolments have dropped by 175,000. Labor has committed to rebuild this once great institution.”

“Standing up for your amenity” was number three.

“On council I’ve stood up for the regulation of intensive horticulture causing grief for rural residents. And I’ve come out in support of the 3000 people whose amenity has been affected by the Kempsey Intensive Pilot Training School.

“Oxley has the dubious honour of having the second highest school maintenance backlog in the state.  NSW Labor prioritises hospital and schools over stadiums.”

Susan said libraries and main street beautification were priorities. The Bellingen-Bowraville Rd got a mention, as did the Great Koala National Park, “the only sensible plan to give koalas permanent tenure with transitions for forestry workers.”