Another amazing year: Wauchope Physical Culture Club in 2018

Wauchope Physie Club results from the Ladies Zone and Teams, Junior Zone and Teams, Senior teams and the Ladies National Finals.

  • Ladies: Novice teams - Beautiful; Open ladies over 33 - Beautiful
  • Beginner ladies: Kristin Mathews - 1st and Zone Champion; Sarah Byfield - Finalist; Danielle Lipscombe - Semi finalist
  • Novice ladies: Stacey Morgan - Finalist; Korin O'Brien - Semi finalist; Melanie Pickworth - Semi finalist; Bella Field - Beautiful
  • Intermediate ladies: Rachel Sonter - Finalist
  • Under 33 ladies: Annette Wannell - second
  • Over 33 ladies: Sherryn Cook - Finalist; Gemma Riley - Semi finalist; Janelle Kolk - Semi finalist
  • Over 40 ladies: Amanda Bowyer - first and zone champion
  • Over 50s and 60s ladies combined: Kim Patrick - eighth; Beverly Whatson - Finalist; Narelle Scarborough - Semi finalist; Leonie Harrison - Semi finalist; Gail Sue - Semi finalist; Rowena Hastings - Semi finalist

Congratulations to Annette Wannell, who qualified for the Ladies National Finals and competed in Sydney and was picked in the top 15.

  • Junior Zone and Teams results: 5/6 Team - first and team champions; 7/8 Team Red - Stunning; 7/8 Team While -  fourth; 9/10 Team - second
  • 5 years: Olivia Riley – fifth; Anabelle Robinson - Finalist; Avah - Finalist; Tayla Johnstone - Finalist; Libby Deaker - Semi finalist
  • 6 years: Kaitlin O'Malley - second; London Byfield - Finalist; Isabel Thompson - Semi finalist; Maddy Davey - Semi finalist
  • 7 years: Kali Wallis - third; Matilda Aliston - Finalist; Evie Cook - Semi finalist; Mia Rixon - Semi finalist; Freya Felton-Keast - Semi finalist; Breanna Martin - Semi finalist; Shantai Bird - Semi finalist; and Eden Bartlett - Semi finalist
  • 8 years: Bella Byfield - fifth; Jessica Mason - Finalist; Ella Davey - Finalist; Taylor Spradbrow - Semi finalist; and Lacey Gayler - Semi finalist
  • 9 years: Eva  Kaminski - first and zone champion; Grace Donovan - fifth; and Airlie Rixon - Semi finalist
  • 10 years: Brianna Bailey - first and zone; Ella Hurrell - Finalist; Isabel Cusato - Finalist; Chloe Wallis - Finalist; Samantha Stainforth - Semi finalist; Evie Gill - Semi finalist; Molly Latham - Semi finalist; Lacey Copp - Semi finalist; and Amelia Riley - Semi finalist
  • 11 years: Grace Keena - 1st Place and zone champion; Brooklyn Hudson - Semi finalist; Emily Johnstone - Semi finalist; and Millie Hanly - Semi finalist
  • 12 years: Hannah Towler - 3rd Place; Abbie Phillips - Finalist; and Abby Field - Finalist
  • 13/14 years Combined: Jayde Jackson - second (14yrs off to Junior Nationals); Jasmyn Debreceny - fourth (13yrs off to Junior Nationals); Kiara O'Brien - fifth (13yrs off to Junior Nationals); Emily Turner - 14yrs Finalist; Jaycie Pickworth - Semi finalist; Tori Wallis - Semi finalist; Sophie Gill - Semi finalist; and Maddie Byfield - Semi finalist

November 3 saw the 13, 14 and 15 first year senior teams go to Sydney and compete in their team event. All came first in their section with the 15s the overall B grade champions.

Amazing job by both of these teams. Our 15/1st year team won out of 28 teams.  The club now has 11 girls competing at the Junior National finals in Homebush on November 25.

The following Seniors are still to compete to see if they  make it to their Nationals Finals held at the Sydney Opera House.

1st yr seniors: Stephanie Hicks and Olivia Sargent and 19/20 yr Open seniors: Emma Carney