Letter: please help FAWNA volunteers who help remove snakes

Recently, I removed a red-bellied black snake from the arcade beside Hastings Insurance Centre.   

The dress shop and the Insurance Centre had closed the roller doors to the arcade so the snake couldn't get out into the street, and managed to get it into a carton waiting for me to get into town to collect it.

FAWNA again had some happy "customers" and the snake was released down on the Hastings Riverbank near Bain Bridge, well away from people.

It might be timely to remind people that snakes are out and about and FAWNA will do its best to send someone if a snake is found in a house, car or business premises. 

It is not possible for FAWNA to remove snakes that are outdoors going about their everyday business - the volunteer group simply does not have enough trained volunteers, and it is not really part of their licensed activities to attend to calls for animals that are not injured or orphaned or sick.

If anyone calls FAWNA to remove a snake it is nice if the volunteer is offered a few dollars just to cover their petrol costs which come out of their own pockets.

Meredith Ryan, FAWNA