Massive weekend of T20 cricket coming up

The McDonalds Premier Cricket League T20 competition gets underway this weekend.

With spots in our Stingers team for next season up for grabs, this competition has huge relevance for aspiring “big bashers” to follow in the steps of local Nic Larkin and Jono Cook.

We have a Northern Conference and a Southern Conference. In the Northern we have Port City Leagues Magpies, Macquarie, Rovers and Nulla. In the Southern we have United, Taree West, Wingham and Wauchope.

In Taree we have games at 12.30pm and 4.00pm. First up at Chatham Oval it will be Premier League Leader Wingham playing United and the later game is Wauchope playing Wingham.

Johnny Martin Oval will have Wauchope playing Taree West first, followed by Taree West playing United.

In Port Macquarie at Oxley Oval we have Macquarie against Port City Leagues Magpies at 12.30. The second game between Rovers and Macquarie has already been decided with Rovers forfeiting due to their number of junior players away playing representative cricket. Rovers had the bye in the first round and Nulla the bye in the second round. Rovers will play Nulla on Friday the 18th at South Kempsey to complete the first two (2) rounds.

Port Macquarie Pirates are not involved in this competition due to a lack of players.

Like all T20 cricket anything can happen on the day. We have many “explosive” batters and bowlers in the competition and depending on who has an “on” day, will the game be decided. As always fielding is a huge part of T20 cricket and here the younger based will have a strong advantage.

The other factor which can change a game is “extras”. Bowling wides and no balls and allowing byes can change the game.

It will be a massive weekend of T20 cricket and you better be there.