The fine art of grape stomping at Bago | photos, video

The Bago Vineyards Grape Stomp hit the magical 21st anniversary mark on Sunday, February 10 and as usual, the popular event drew a good crowd.

The Grape Stomp began as a fun event during the Jazz in the Vineyards and to celebrate the harvest.  It’s now an institution. 

As usual, visitors from all parts of the mid and north coast came to take part or cheer on the stompers, with people travelling from as far away as Sydney, Newcastle, Coffs Harbour and Grafton. 

The stomp record of 7.1 litres of juice from 10 kilos of grapes set in 2012 has yet to be broken and it looks a forlorn hope this year with the long hot summer taking its toll on the grapes. 

In the Media Stomp, the Port Macquarie News team of Rob Dougherty and Ben Burley managed to squeeze 5.51 litres, while the Hit Mid North Coast of Bodge and Krysti Dixon were just behind with 5.50 litres.

The broadcasters reckon they were hindered by Krysti’s small feet and Bodge wasn’t a fan of her technique of squeezing juice from the grapes in the muslin.

“You were wrenching it like it owed you money,” he joked.

A victorious Ben Burley from Port News said they had no plan, and that was their plan, while novice Rob Dougherty said he’d got helpful advice from a mentor before stepping into the barrel.

“Ben and I have massive feet, which is a big advantage,” he added.

This year the Stomp helped raise funds for the Lasiandra Festival Committee with a sausage sizzle.

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