JPs needed to help out in Wauchope

Are you a JP?  Could you help out by coming to the library regularly to sign documents?
Are you a JP? Could you help out by coming to the library regularly to sign documents?

JPs in Wauchope are under pressure, because some of them are business people, who don’t always have time to deal with everyone who calls in to get something signed.

Since JP Michelle McCudden left the Wauchope Gazette office in December 2018, others have come under even more pressure.

Robyn Flanagan from Wauchope Travel said she did five JP signings in one morning.

“I can’t possibly keep this up.  There are fewer JPs than there used to be.  Perhaps someone wants to set up in the library, or there may be some organisation out there willing to help, but as I am not going to be in Wauchope on Thursdays and Fridays, in the future this will only get worse,” she added.

Robyn says more public servants to be available, rather than private business people, and a roster system could be set up, where JPs could go to the library at set times.  

“It’s a lovely service to be able to offer your customers, but it’s now affecting them, where they sometimes have to wait while I’m helping people who aren’t customers,” she added.

Meanwhile the Department of Justice is developing a new online system for managing Justice of the Peace (JP) appointments and reappointments.

The new system will allow all NSW JPs to manage their reappointments completely online. The new system is planned to launch in April 2019.

The development of the new system will affect how you apply for JP reappointment going forward. In preparation for the new system, applications for reappointment are temporarily closed until April 2019. 

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