Lake Cathie resident wins $200,000 in Lucky Lotteries mega jackpot

A Lake Cathie retiree is planning to build his dream balcony after discovering he won $200,000 in the February 11 Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot draw.

Speaking with a NSW Lotteries official, the man who wanted to remain anonymous revealed he always hoped he’d win, but never thought it would actually happen.

“Wow. That is very nice. Very nice news indeed,” he said cheerfully.

“I always hoped I would win, that is why I buy a ticket every week, but I never thought I would actually win.

“It’s very good to hear it’s happened. You’ve made my day.

 “I have been retired for a few years, but this will certainly make my retirement more comfortable.”

Wanting to share his news with his loved ones, the retiree called his daughter straight away to share the celebration.   

“I am on the phone with my daughter right now. Your call is on loud speaker so she can hear it,” he admitted.

“She’s ecstatic for me. We will have to do something nice to celebrate.

“I will also celebrate with my lady friend when the money goes into my bank account. We will go out to a fancy Italian restaurant and have a big feast.”

The Lake Cathie man confessed he already knew exactly how he was going to spend his windfall, which included sharing half of it with his children.

“I’ll take half of my winnings and give the other half to my kids,” he explained.

“My daughter wants to do some renovations to her house, so this will certainly help with that.

“My son is travelling overseas at the moment, so this will make his holiday even more enjoyable.

“Then I want a balcony and a new car. I could certainly use an upgrade.”

The winner purchased his winning entry of seven random numbers online.