Wauchope residents meeting on Thursday April 4 2019

Have your say at the next Wauchope residents' meeting on April 4.
Have your say at the next Wauchope residents' meeting on April 4.

Wauchope people are invited to a public meeting next month to have your say about concerns for our town.

The Wauchope Area Committee was set up on March 7.

"It was a lively, but good-humoured meeting, during which much progress was made," said committee member Niels Heffernan.

Issues discussed included:

  • dead trees and stumps of trees in Bain Park.
  • the condition and continuity of a footpath from Wauchope CBD to Timbertown Shopping Precinct.
  • the apparent increase in numbers of used needles in the town’s parks.

Mr Heffernan said that Arthur Bain, Greens candidate in the upcoming election, attended.

"While the committee remains apolitical, and in no way endorses his candidacy, he has experience in “harm minimisation”, and public health in regard to drug-taking. He spoke about this, and the committee now feels better educated on the subject," said Mr Heffernan.

"It appears that many intravenous drug users discard used needles because of the mistaken belief that they can be prosecuted for carrying them.

"In fact, the law in this regard has changed, and for more than a decade, carrying used needles is not a crime.  Intravenous drug users can take the used needles home, or to a safe disposal place, without fear of prosecution," he added. 

The committee feels this one piece of information needs publicising. If it reaches the ears of just one intravenous drug user, the news, it is hoped, will spread rapidly.

"Members of the committee and public who were present agreed on steps to take in tackling these issues, and we hope to report soon on progress made," he said.

The committee says many Wauchopians agree that the 'west of the donut' population seems to have missed out on decision-making, and often have different needs from those in Port Macquarie.

Residents are invited to the Wauchope Community Arts Hall beside Bain Park for the next public meeting at 7pm on Thursday April 4.