Community groups and Pycon give cubby house to Wauchope Public School special ed students

Students in special education at Wauchope Public School have a great new space to play in.

A cubby house was built in the grounds by Wauchope Men's Shed for the children in the Special Education Unit to support social and communication programs.

Local builders Pycon provided funds to build the cubby house, Wauchoep Rotary helped to buy equipment and so did the school's P&C.

A year ago, assistant principal special education, Anne Puchert, had a vision of what she wanted for the children and she visited Wauchope Men's Shed to tell them about it.

"It has been amazing that we have been able to achieve this magnificent cubby house, and the teachers and students are really pleased with the outcome," she said.

"Scientists have determined that it takes 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain unless it is done with play.  Then, it takes only 10 to 20 repetitions, so this is our new classroom and learning space for our children, which is fantastic."

Students Hunter and Lily thanked all the people who gave them the materials, those who funded it, those who built it and those who got involved in the project.

Wauchope Public School principal Cameron Osborne say it was amazing and proved that great minds worked together, and he singled out Wauchope Men's Shed for particular thanks.

Wally Waterston from Wauchope Men's Shed said it was the biggest project they'd ever undertaken.

"We're not builders, but we are all handy, and a lot of people put in extra hours and pushed it along.  It's great for the kids," he said.