Jeremy Miller is an Independent candidate for Lyne seat

Independent candidate Jeremy Miller will run for the seat of Lyne at the upcoming Federal election in May.

David Gillespie is the current Nationals Federal Member for Lyne. He will contest the seat for the fourth time. 

Nabiac resident Phil Costa was announced as Labor's candidate in 2018. Lauren Edwards is the Greens candidate and Garry Bourke is the United Australia candidate.

Jeremy said he has been speaking to the community about what they want from a future leader. 

"If I'm able to win the seat, we'll have a very committed, locally-focused Independent who represents this community rather than representing a major party," he said. 

"If I don't win, we'll have made Lyne a marginal seat so we can get some attention and resources.

"Either way, the community wins."

Jeremy's focus is delivering on wide ranging issues from climate change and health, to aged care and education.

"Climate change keeps coming up as a major issue and people are disappointed that the major parties can't get a sensible policy because the Nationals and the Liberals don't believe climate change is real," he said. 

"We have to fix that now or our kids will pay the price."

"People are telling me about our roads and how they've improved a bit but we've still got a long way to go.

"Health, aged care, opportunities for young people to get a good education and then find a job or start a business, these are the real issues that people are worried about."

Jeremy first moved to Taree to work at Radio 2RE in 1995. He quickly became involved in community organisations and met his wife Frith during a production of Jesus Christ Superstar with the Taree Arts Council.

They are now raising three children in the Manning Valley and Jeremy said this is the reason he decided to run.

"I am raising my family here. This is our home. We can't afford for this area to be left behind for another three years," Jeremy said.

Jeremy feels the Nationals no longer represent the community and a change is needed.

This story Jeremy Miller throws hat in the ring for Lyne seat first appeared on Camden Haven Courier.