NSW State election: how to vote and where

Early voting is underway in the NSW State election.
Early voting is underway in the NSW State election.

Early voting for the NSW State election is underway at early voting centres across the Oxley constituency. 

Voters who are eligible can vote in person at an early voting centre, use iVote (internet and telephone voting) or do a postal vote.

The eligibility criteria for each early voting option varies and can be found at www.elections.nsw.gov.au

Applications for iVote and postal voting can be completed at registration.ivote.nsw.gov.au

The Oxley candidates are

  • Arthur Bain, Greens,
  • Susan Jenvey, Country Labor,
  • Dean Saul, Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party
  • Melinda Pavey, Nationals and sitting Member
  • Deb Smyth, Sustainable Australia Party

NSW Electoral Commissioner John Schmidt reminded voters that applications for postal votes close at 6pm tonight, Monday, 18 March 2019.

"Postal ballot papers must be completed by 6pm on Saturday, 23 March and returned by 6pm on Wednesday, 27 March," he said.

"iVote applications will remain open until 1pm on election day.

"Voters using iVote internet and telephone voting will be able to cast their vote until 6pm on election day.

"Early voting at early voting centres continues until 6pm on Friday, 22 March 2019.  Voters who wish to vote at an early voting centre can find locations and opening hours of early voting centres at www.elections.nsw.gov.au

The early voting centre in Wauchope is the CWA Hall at 49 High Street beside Wauchope library.

Wauchope Chamber are hosting a 'Meet the Candidates' night tonight, Monday March 18, at Wauchope RSL Club at 6pm.

Voting centres in the Greater Wauchope area, listed below.

Voting centres in the Greater Wauchope area, listed below.

Voting in person is the most popular way to vote in New South Wales.  It is usually quick and easy to vote in person at a voting centre or polling place, and election staff and officials are available if you need help.

When you arrive at the venue, there are usually lots of candidate workers standing outside the voting centre and polling place. These people work for the parties and candidates standing for election.

They will want to give you a 'how-to-vote card". This is a paper that shows you how to vote for their party or candidate. You don't have to take these, but if you want to know how to vote for a particular party or candidate, they can be helpful.

When you get inside the venue, there may be a small queue of people waiting to vote. Elections staff will be inside the venue and will tell you where you need to go.

When you get to the issuing table an election official will ask you for your full name, date of birth and your address so they can correctly identify you on the electoral roll.

The election official will then ask you if you have voted before in this election. They have to ask this to make sure that people only vote once.

You don't need to show identification to cast an ordinary vote, but it's a good idea to take some with you, or to write your name and address on a piece of paper to show it to the election official. It will make it easier for them to find your name if it is difficult to pronounce or spell.

The 2019 NSW State General Election voting centres in the greater Wauchope area open from 8am to 6pm and they are:

  • Wauchope Indoor Stadium
  • Wauchope High School
  • Rollands Plains School of Arts Hall
  • Pembrooke Public Hall
  • Long Flat Public School
  • Comboyne Public School
  • Huntingdon Public School
  • Beechwood School of Arts Hall

Voters elect members of the Legislative Assembly for four-year terms using an optional preferential voting system. You must write the number '1' in the square next to the candidate of your choice.

You can show more choices if you want, starting with the number '2'. It is up to you how many choices you show after your first preference.