Letter: Wauchope needs a bypass more than beautification

Port Macquarie residents dubious about the proposed duplication should consider Wauchope's dangerous dilemma. The existing situation is dangerous. A road fatality is a likely outcome.

The noise must be annoying for local businesses and perhaps the large number of empty premises suggests that some have re-located. With the election dust settled, now is a good time to re-visit the need for a proper, not a Clayton's, bypass.

Ratepayers deserve it as such a bypass was to commence construction in March 2009. Beautification is not a bypass.

If any council member or staff member is in doubt then I invite them to try driving through Wauchope's only roundabout between about 7.30am and 9 am (especially when the XPT is due).

It will not be a quick trip but it will be frustrating. It would be best if said people first got a better grasp of geography... yes, Wauchope is part of the PMHC municipality.

Specific councillors need to overcome behaviours seen evident late last year. No more dummy spits because you disagree with others (followed by a refusal to apologise for inacceptable behaviour) and no more bagging of other council members in columns printed in local media.

Show a sense of loyalty, learn to work as a team and give Wauchope ratepayers a safer ride.

Greg Raffin, Wauchope