Wauchope Garden Club autumn gardening hints and upcoming events

Time to plant a variety of gorgeous, cottage garden-style salvia.
Time to plant a variety of gorgeous, cottage garden-style salvia.

Autumn weather is the perfect time for gardening and now, with so many fantastic plants to grow and enjoy their beauty, we are blessed.

On Thursday May 9, the Wauchope Garden Club annual street stall will be held outside the Hastings Street IGA supermarket. There will be a great array of plants for sale, as well as other goodies, so do come and support our chosen charity for 2019.

Have you tried one of the many varieties of the perennial, salvia? These gorgeous, cottage garden-style flowers have many in flower now, with new varieties occurring. They will quickly fill a spot in the garden, and, with pruning after the main flush, will continue to flower for many months. Fertilise regularly around the root zone for best results.

It's sweet pea time for sowing the seed, so get busy for a wonderful display in spring. Only water sparingly until seedlings appear, then commence feeding when 5cm tall. Tall varieties need a frame or trellis, but there are also dwarf varieties which are ideal for pots or baskets.

Why not try growing grevilleas? They are a diverse Australian native plant from low-growing ground covers to tall trees (think Silky Oak).

Most prefer a well-drained sunny position in slightly acidic soil, and feed with a native plant food, although Dynamic Lifter enriches and improves the soil. If you have trouble growing grevilleas, try the grafted varieties.

Rose-planting season soon approaches, and who doesn't love a beautiful rose bush? A new David Austin rose, named Olivia Rose Austin, will be available as a bare-rooted plant. Prepare your ground well, but this rose is perfect for a large pot. Flowers are a mid-pink cupped rosette shape, and come early season to autumn with a light fruity fragrance.

Keep the winter vegies growing well while the soil is still warm, but watch for caterpillars, which hide under leaves. Watch for droppings, or holes being chewed, and use spray on them. Good gardening.