Letter: Anzac Day change made on safety grounds

The decision not to hold the Dawn Service march this year was made by the new Anzac committee on the grounds of perceived safety concerns.

As president of the Wauchope RSL Sub-Branch, I have received expressions of disappointment from members of the public that a 63-year tradition of diggers marching for a dawn service has been lost.

To many people, hearing the sound of bagpipes and seeing the diggers appearing out of the dark holds special significance.

Cars for veterans who are no longer able to march will be supplied by the Port Macquarie Antique and Classic Car Club for the march at 11am.

The 11am march to the cenotaph will be led by up to 14 members of the Port Macquarie Hastings Pipe Band.

The Port Macquarie Hastings Pipe Band will also provide entertainment for sub-branch members and guests. They will be joined by Frank Rugers and the Port Macquarie Blu Hyp band, who will provide a two-hour concert for the diggers and patrons of the RSL Club.

Des Hancock, president, Wauchope RSL Sub-Branch


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