Hastings sporting car club needs your help

The Hastings Sporting Car Club are hoping someone will help them.

The club has been part and parcel of the local scene for 65 years and in that time, they have tried to secure land with the Port Macquarie Hastings Council.

Jake Monkley said that some 12 years ago, this came to fruition with a section of land earmarked for the car club near the current motocross track off the old highway. It was to be developed by the car club as a track, meeting place, educational facility and driver training area.

"Unfortunately, this plan did not eventuate, for several reasons. We have no ground for our junior drivers to learn on. We're hiring a ground, but we're losing money and we can't sustain it.

"We want some ground so we can hold these events, just a couple of acres. We have had some state champions come out of our little club and we want to keep it going," he said.

The car club has approached the Oxley Member, Melinda Pavey, for state government funding, particularly in the driver training sector, and they are also in talks with the federal government.

If you can help, please contact Jake Monkley on 0467 550 020.