Two Worlds Cafe and beauty salon offer free play and childminding

Victoria Craggs from Vivid Lashes & Waxing Studio and Cass Martin from Two Worlds Food and Fun.
Victoria Craggs from Vivid Lashes & Waxing Studio and Cass Martin from Two Worlds Food and Fun.

A Wauchope cafe, play centre and beauty business is offering free childminding to parents to give them a break.

Cass Martin recently bought the Two Worlds Food and Fun in Cameron Street and she has big plans. Victoria Craggs is a beauty therapist who will run Vivid Lashes upstairs.

"The objective is for us to come home and raise our children around our family and friends for support. A lot of our employees also have young children," explained Cass.

"We have reached out to different recruitment organisations looking to give opportunities to people who are a bit down on their luck, as well as involving family members.

"Two Worlds is going to evolve into a restaurant. We have made the play centre free and are really focussing on our own food and beverages, including our own coffee brand, which is a really good quality blend from a boutique roaster.

Cass has been using local friends and family who are tradesmen to fit out the restaurant. She says the community has been very patient.

"The restaurant will start to trade on Friday and Saturday nights, and we are being cautious. Ideally, we will get to a place where the restaurant is open day and night.

"We are building our breakfast trade, and opening on Sundays from this week, plus offering events for children, and baking classes. We are going to look at offering opportunities for people.

"We are building a beauty salon upstairs. The partnership is about two people coming together, being mums with young children and we both have challenging children, and knowing that we will both be able to support each other."

Cass says it's going to take a little longer to finish upstairs and sound-proof it, because there is a gym next door, which is completely separate. They offer free childminding for clients who use the beauty salon.

At the moment, the creche is open two hours a day and Cass hopes to extend that, to offer childcare for mums and dads who need it.

"Everyone deserves a bit of a break and we see this as a unique service we can provide where children can be happy, while the parents get a little pampering," she said.