Port Macquarie's Wendy Stokes new exhibition opens at the Glasshouse

EXHIBITION: Wendy Stokes with her exhibition at the Glasshouse.
EXHIBITION: Wendy Stokes with her exhibition at the Glasshouse.

Local artist Wendy Stokes is exhibiting a new exhibition at the Glasshouse in Port Macquarie.

Titled Within and Between - Walking in the space of Landscape, the exhibition merges experiences of connection and process, both being key to engaging, knowing and understanding a site.

Many of the pieces in the exhibition have been on display before with Ms Stokes exhibiting in regional galleries across New South Wales since 2015.

This is the first time the exhibition as it currently stands will be on exhibit.

The exhibition came about after Ms Stokes attended an International Cite des Arts residency in Paris in 2014.

During the residency Ms Stokes spent time exploring Claude Monet sites of the coast and the Giverny Garden.

Exploring parallels between those sites and her own personal experiences in Australian locations the exhibition explores drawing as a vehicle to interweave a connection between place and memory.

"In 2014 I was in Paris as part of doing my masters degree and I spent a lot of time in Monet's Giverny Garden," Ms Stokes said.

"And when the opportunity presented itself to exhibit at the Glasshouse I jumped at it.

"I have shown some of the pieces in other exhibition but this exhibition is new and fresh."

Ms Stokes said she was delighted to be back at the Glasshouse.

"I am personally thrilled to showcase what I have done to a local audience because it is not something that can happen often," she said.

"The exhibition itself is working on the premise of the idea of walking through the landscape.

"The images themselves are a bit obscure so that people can come to their own conclusions of shifting sensory experiences."

The exhibition is currently on show at the Glasshouse and will run until July 21.