Community called to support Red Shield Appeal on Sunday

Volunteer Bronwen Bray and Corps Officer Heather Unicomb from the Salvation Army.
Volunteer Bronwen Bray and Corps Officer Heather Unicomb from the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army is urging the public to get involved in the Red Shield Appeal Doorknock on Sunday, May 26.

The appeal is the Salvos' signature fundraising drive which helps fund their vast network of social and community service supporting the most vulnerable in our community.

Salvation Army Corps Officer Heather Unicomb said there are "a lot of people in Port Macquarie doing it tough".

She has been surprised by the number of men in their fifties and sixties who were coming in.

"We are seeing a lot of single men or men with families who have had a workplace accident or accident at home so they can't work and support their family so they come in and ask for help," Ms Unicomb said.

"We are able to give their food vouchers or food from our pantry here.

"We have a shower that people can come in and use who are in a homeless situation or couch surfing."

Ms Unicomb said there are people in the community who are living "week to week".

"They may get an expected bill or a bill that is unexpectedly high so they cannot make ends meet."

Ms Unicomb said there will be collection points for the Red Shield Appeal at Settlement City and Port Central Shopping Centres from May 23 to May 26.

The Salvation Army still needs volunteers to help with the doorknock on May 26.

Volunteers spend a few hours going from door to door collecting donations.

"We give you everything you need, from a map to receipt books, you just need to show up on May 26," Ms Unicomb said.

Last year the Port Macquarie community raised $27,000.

On Thursday, May 16, the Port Macquarie business community raised just over $15,000 at the Red Shield Appeal business breakfast at Westport Club.

To volunteer call the Salvation Army on 6583 7444 or visit their website