Horoscopes: week beginning July 21

Horoscopes: week beginning July 21

ARIES: The home will be a hive of activity on July 21, 22, with people coming and going constantly. You'll also be striving to keep up with your regular domestic duties. Wednesday through to Saturday would be a great time to take off on that overseas trip, organise a legal matter or to advertise. Students also make good progress.

TAURUS: Parents will be especially busy with children's activities on July 21, 22, along with other domestic routines. Some Taureans will enjoy leisure, speculation or sport. You have every reason to feel optimistic about your financial arrangements during Wednesday through to Saturday when there are vast improvements.

GEMINI: There will be discussions centring on money during July 21, 22, mostly hinging on domestic expenses or property earnings. An ability to generate income exists. Discussions over responsibilities or around a business partnership will proceed well during July 24-27. You are able to organise objectives and people, quickly and efficiently.

CANCER: July 21, 22 emphasise the need to work out a few problems, perhaps around finance and contractual arrangements. These are good days for discussions. From Wednesday through to Saturday there are great opportunities awaiting you in your career with financial benefits. Don't let someone else hold you back.

LEO: During Sunday and Monday you should be able to talk yourself out of an awkward situation. Disappointment or setbacks with goals or an associate may be experienced. You are fairly impulsive and aggressive at the moment; but things should work out well during July 24-27 as Leo lands on their feet. This is a great time to be alive!

VIRGO: Sunday and Monday are active days socially, as friends are in contact. You may need to plan schedules to ensure you achieve your objectives, ironing out potential flaws. There is an excellent opportunity to overcome those frustrating circumstances and to improve your home life at the same time from Wednesday through to Saturday.

LIBRA: You may spend July 21, 22 going over paper work or last minute details, especially related to goals and career. Keep an eye out for errors in the spoken or written word. There is likely to be good news in connection with work or health matters during Wednesday through to Saturday. No matter what you're doing, things just flow and you enjoy the experience.

SCORPIO: It may be necessary to look at the financial implications of any discussions or plans made on July 21, 22; especially if travel, education or legalities are involved. Your income will receive a boost from Wednesday through to Saturday whether it comes from hard work, investments or speculation. Good fortune smiles on you.

SAGITTARIUS: Discussions will centre on money and investments during Sunday and Monday. You may have to reach an agreement with a partner or business associate. You will relish interaction with family, children or a loved one in the period July 24-27. These are a wonderful few days when you'll deservedly be feeling amongst the fortunate.

CAPRICORN: During July 21, 22 there could be some difficulties with work associates or you may be concerned over the welfare of a partner. This is a good time to seek advice. You will be able to see your way through a maze of difficulties from Wednesday through to Saturday. Follow your hunches then as they are likely to be accurate.

AQUARIUS: Sunday and Monday must be days of preparatory work, so knuckle down to the tasks at hand. Things aren't so bad and you will probably enjoy yourself. There are wonderful developments with or through friends from Wednesday through to Saturday. There is quite a bit of luck associated with your actions.

PISCES: July 21, 22 will find many Pisceans engrossed in domestic or leisure routines. You'll not be bored by these activities, as there is an element of fun in the things you do. July 24-27 affords you the opportunity to make significant progress in your career. Successful conditions associated with money, educational achievements, and travel are evident.

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