Horoscopes: week beginning July 7

Horoscopes: week beginning July 7

ARIES: The opportunity to make inroads into knowledge is a feature of July 7-10. Arians will also be able to develop their talents during this time, whilst enjoying the best of life. Wednesday through Friday offer Arian natives the opportunity to develop artistic talents or develop abilities associated with water sports. Spiritual development is also indicated.

TAURUS: Words are likely to be exchanged in heated moments during July 7-10, most likely over a property matter or with a family member. If egos can be put to one side, there is much that can be achieved. A surge in aspirations during Wednesday through Friday ensures Taurean individuals avail themselves of the favourable trends to accomplish something of personal importance.

GEMINI: There will be no holding back that Geminian tongue during July 7-10, as natives of this sign whip up a pace in search of achievement. You will still have to put in the hard miles to achieve a goal. You'll be reaching for the stars as you integrate your ideals with some practical application during July 10-12. The first steps involve planning; you'll also need to toss a few ideas over.

CANCER: It seems Cancer will be able to make extra money through an aggressive approach to speculation during July 7-10. Don't rush in blindly and take a moment to properly assess the potential and risks. Your dreamy mood seems to flavour all your thoughts during July 10-12. You enjoy your experiences whilst travelling and adding to your store of knowledge.

LEO: Leo natives will be confident in their approach to life during July 7-10, making friendships, and the achievement of ambitions and financial prosperity more likely. The selfless facet of leonine personalities promotes compassion and a generous nature during July 10-12. Many of you will be making contributions to a worthy cause.

VIRGO: Virgoan energies seem to be thwarted during July 7-10, despite the best laid plans. Use this time to research material and work on flawed aspects of plans. Virgoans will delight in the subtle nuances that romance brings into their lives during Wednesday through Friday: strong, gentle connections are forged in marriage as a result.

LIBRA: A resurgence of Libran ambitions seems certain during July 7-10, with all the ingredients for success available. This includes co-operation, good planning and adequate financial resources. Wednesday through Friday are wonderful days for finding that perfect job, made just for you. Many Librans will already be in it, with trends operating to stimulate perfect working conditions.

SCORPIO: Scorpio is bound to make a distinctive impression on the world-at-large during July 7-10. Your confidence, talent and ambition are all impressive qualities. The beautiful, dreamy influences operating during July 10-12 will see many Scorpio natives luxuriating in perfect recreational surroundings or falling in love (perhaps all over again).

SAGITTARIUS: There are likely to be lively discussions over ideas, problems, travel arrangements or legalities during July 7-10. It is possible to strike an accord despite any problems that may exist. The harmonics of your home are resonating on a divine level during July 10-12, filling the atmosphere with music, dance, art and song: perhaps you're decorating or celebrating.

CAPRICORN: News received about a financial matter during July 7-10 will require additional work and a review of objectives. Concern over a friend or friendship may also be experienced. Your artistic talents are certainly being stimulated under the trends that are operating on Wednesday through Friday. Someone seems to inspire you to develop your potential.

AQUARIUS: Others are certainly going out of their way to wave that red flag in front of Aquarius. Money matters, opinions, ethics and young people, all have the potential to be problematic. Financially fortunate trends influence Aquarian lives during Wednesday through Friday, rewarding them for their endeavours: you've been a touch creative to earn this.

PISCES: There appears to be discord in Piscean lives during July 7-10, perhaps due to an agitated digestive system or another individual creating problems for Pisces. The subtle connections that romantically link you with another individual are resonating with activity during Wednesday through Friday. Special moments are shared together.

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