Hundreds of residents protest traffic matters under consideration at council meeting

One hugely contentious item at June's Port Macquarie-Hastings Council meeting concerned a variety of traffic matters in and around Port Macquarie, drawing several hundred residents in protest.

Wauchope residents will be well aware of frequent congestion at the intersection of Oxley Highway with both Wrights Road and Lake Road, between Wauchope and Port.

And Lake Road itself is frequently a traffic nightmare.

Council is working with RMS and Traffic NSW to examine all short and long-term alternatives to deal with growing local traffic problems associated with our growing population.

That includes the very controversial possibility of building new link roads joining the Oxley Highway towards Ocean Drive in the south-east, and towards Hastings River Drive and the airport in the north-west.

The possible link roads are naturally very unwelcome to residents whose houses and lifestyles are potentially affected.

It's not just the thought of actual disruption which is causing heartache, but the fact that council has around two years of studies ahead before it can say with any certainty the exact path of any potential new roads.

Most controversial right now is the proposed 'orbital' road going east-west between Ocean Drive in the vicinity of Greenmeadows and Oxley Highway.

People are rightly quite outraged homes and developments not long built are under threat of demolition or other disruption in future for a new road. But council has to go through the process of investigating all options.

Right now, no exact routes have been decided and council is now starting to examine all potential route options and alternatives in detail.

That includes a range of other possible actions such as significantly upgrading Lake Road and Ocean Drive, plus liaising with the NSW government for upgrades to the state-controlled Oxley Highway at various choke points.

For those interested, the next report on this highly contentious matter will be to the September council meeting.

Cr Intemann's stories from a civic heart are her opinions and not necessarily those of council.