Combined Bago Community of Schools celebrate Education Week 2019

Students, staff and community members from the combined Bago Community of Schools came together to celebrate Education Week.

Representatives from Huntington Public School, Upper Rollands Plains Public School, Wauchope Public school, Beechwood Public School, Comboyne Public School, Long flat Public School and Wauchope High school took part in celebrations to recognise students' outstanding work on August 6.

Wauchope High principal Glen Sawle said it was a wonderful opportunity to showcase the work students and staff do everyday.

"This group of schools is responsible for students' education from preschool right through to their HSC," Mr Sawle said.

"We get together every two years to recognise and celebrate the contributions of students, staff and community members on students' education.

"At the award ceremony we give out a range of awards to show thanks for all the hard work so many people are doing right across our community."

Mr Sawle said Education Week was the perfect opportunity to highlight local talent in the community.

"Education Week is a week-long celebration of what we do each and everyday in the classroom," he said.

"This event is a chance for us to bring the parents into the school and show them how much has changed since they were at school.

"It is such a great vibe on night like this because everyone is celebrating what makes education special and the real difference it makes to our students."

Congratulations to all winners of excellence awards:

Huntington Public School:

Student Award - Piper Cox

Community Award - Gideon Marr-Grogan

Upper Rollands Plains Public School:

Student Award - Lachlan Mann

Student Award - Karlsen Matijciw

Student Award - Layne Scott

Wauchope Public school:

Student Award - Darcy Balderston

Student Award - Tiana Daly

Student Award - Bailey Andrews

Staff Award - John Baker

Staff Award - Kylie Schofield

Staff Award - Danielle Wheatley

Community Award - Hazel Frazer

Community Award - Ruth Thompson

Beechwood Public School:

Student Award - Sophie Smith

Student Award Hariette Tape

Comboyne Public School:

Student Award - Miah Armstrong

Long flat Public School:

Student Award - Piper Cox

Community Award - Gail Morgan

Wauchope High school:

Student Award - Paris Rock

Student Award - Caitlin Miller

Staff Award - Tahlia Stewart

Staff Award - Anna Wilson

Community Award - Annette Cordell

Community Award - Valerie Gillis

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